Easyshade Site Conditions

The site serves as a store for the sale of products developed in Israel. Before placing the order, customers register and enter their basic details. After the transaction, their credit card will be checked and upon confirmation of the order by the credit card companies, an appropriate notice will be given that the transaction has been approved or rejected.

Only a confirmation regarding the execution of the transaction received by the customer’s e-mail that includes the relevant order details will constitute confirmation of receipt of the order. The registration on the company’s computers will constitute prima facie evidence of the correctness of the actions.

A. The price of the products as advertised on the site

The price of the product does not include delivery. The price of the delivery fee for the purchase is set by the delivery company’s tariff for all areas in the country (except areas to which the delivery service does not reach).

The delivery fees listed on the website do not include special delivery and / or delivery outside Israel. Special delivery means shipping to high floors without an elevator or shipping that requires additional manpower or special means.

B. Delivery times

Product delivery times are 21 business days (day of purchase is not considered a business day), unless otherwise expressly stated. Delivery times include business days only (Sundays-Thursdays) and do not include Fridays, Saturdays, holiday evenings and full days of holiday. In the event that factors or events beyond the control of the site operators delay or prevent the sale of the products or the delivery of the products published on the site at set dates, the site on behalf of the company will offer the customer a choice between receiving the product or cancelling the transaction.

C. Cancelling the transaction

Section 14E (b) of the Consumer Protection Law explicitly states that in the event of cancellation of a distance selling transaction that is not due to a defect in the transaction, the only charge taken from the customer will be a cancellation fee not exceeding 5% of the asset price or NIS 100, whichever is the lower. Cancellation fees include expenses or obligation due to shipping, packaging or any other expense or obligation that the business has incurred or undertaken to incur. The product will be returned to the business at the expense of the customer.

  • We allow cancellation of a transaction within 14 days from the date of receipt of the product.
  • A product whose original packaging has been opened will not be returned.
  • Notice of cancellation should be sent by email to info@easyshade.co.il or via post  (PO Box 62, Ten Zip Code 7685800).
  • Restrictions on the right of cancellation: It is not possible to cancel the purchase of goods, of products that have manufactured specifically for consumers according to their order.

D. Inventory

The site will maintain ongoing control over the inventory of products offered for sale. When the stock is about to run out, the site operator will inform the consumers about this or update the number of products left in stock in a prominent place on the site. If after placing an order it turns out that the product is out of stock, due to exceptional circumstances that were not known at the time of ordering, the company will notify customers within one business day and allow them to choose between receiving a replacement and equivalent product or a full refund.

E. General responsibility for activity of the site

The company will not bear any responsibility for illegal activity performed by participants on the site during sales on it or for any other factor that is not under its full control. The company makes and will make every effort to maintain the integrity of the site but does not guarantee that the service on it will not be disrupted due to malfunctions in the hardware, software or communication lines, and it will not be responsible for malfunctions or disruptions in the Internet or communication lines.

F. Section: ‘Legal Jurisdiction’

In any case of legal dispute, the jurisdiction will be that of the Rechovot Court.

G. Section: ‘Images for Illustration’

Sometimes there may be photo errors and / or differences in shades between the photographs of the products published on the website and the products as provided in practice. In any case of a significant difference, the company will indicate this on the website.

The company constantly monitors the prices of the products and their specifications. If an unusual and obvious mistake is made in the product description in good faith, the company will correct the mistake or refund the custumer in full for the purchase price.

H. Product Warranty

The company gives customers a two-year warranty on all parts of the product. Any part that is damaged, other than by willful damage or neglect, will be replaced with a new part.

 I. Customer confidentiality

The company does everything to preserve the confidentiality of customers and undertakes not to transfer their credit information to a third party – unless obliged to do so by Court Order.

Enjoy your purchase!