Specifications and guidelines

  • Fiberglass rods coated with protective fabric – 12, 16 mm diameter
  • Struts of reinforced Poliamid 6 with 30% added glass fiber
  • Heavy duty stretch strap
  • 12 mm jumbo anchors for blocks and concrete
  • Dralon fabric made in Europe, 290g per square meter
  • Package size 240/15/25 cm (fits elevators)


2,450 NIS


2,950 NIS

After purchase, our installation coordinator will contact you to check technical details for installation.

Standard installation

Awning fitted to any type of wall: cinder blocks, concrete, Yitong (aerated concrete blocks), bricks, metal, wood and similar.

Special installation

Anchored to ceiling

Vertically adjustable

Note: For such installations, special adapters will be added that are priced separately