Discover Easyshade

Sometimes it’s worthwhile developing a new product over an extended period – to ensure that it has ‘staying power’ and is well conceived. That was the case with Easyshade.

We first came up with the idea in 1992 when we invented a parasol that opens like a fan. We then took Easyshade to the prototype product stage and registered it as a patent application. However personal constraints and other issues along the way put the project on a long-term hold. We promised to return to it at the right time.

Two years ago, as all three members of our creative team approached our 60s, we decided that now was the time to invest full power in the Easyshade project.

The ‘restart’ involved reviewing the plans and adding the many technical and marketing insights that we had gained over the past decades.

It turned out that many adjustments were needed to our novel idea of a semi-circular folding awning. We spent the last 18 months in product development – until we had a top quality product with unique features and impressive durability. Very challenging, but fun and satisfying.

In the middle of all this, Corona attacked the world and created new needs. Closures kept people at home and stimulated them to improve all their living spaces – including outdoors. They looked for ways to shade their balconies and roof areas in an easy and inexpensive way.

People’s priorities have shifted. The social change in their lives has opened them to a welcome product like Easyshade that satisfies a daily need.

Our Business Approach

We base ourselves on direct marketing, selling directly to the end consumer without intermediaries. This allows you to have an advanced and technically superior product at an affordable price and with a full two-year warranty.

About the team

Eitan Cohen, COO

Eitan is our technical expert. He has extensive experience in setting up complex shading areas in public projects as well as pergolas and awnings for the private sector. His specialty is to be innovative and find creative solutions to complex technical problems.   

Amit Loven, VP Development

Amit managed and implemented major projects at leading construction companies around the country. In the process of shaping and developing our product he has integrated his expertise in multiple fields as well as his past experience as a product designer.

Shlomi Levy, CEO

As an entrepreneur, Shlomi established a number of unique and outstanding ventures over the years. The business systems that he set up (and which are now applied to Easyshade) reflect the high standards that he sets for personnel, product quality and customer service.